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Team to Win - West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation - Los Angeles Educational Outreach Program

Team to Win

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Los Angeles Sports Medicine Outreach

TEAM TO WIN was featured on Fox Sports West and Time Warner Cable Sports Channel.  CHECK IT OUT!!!

The economic challenge in these United States is the greatest it has been in a generation, perhaps longer.

High school sports have thus never been so important. Study after study shows that high school sports help diminish teen-age drug use, reduce gang violence and builds character and leadership. Team to Win keeps today’s young people in the game.

The key now is not only to keep Team to Win’s support strong. It’s to expand the program – to expand its reach to even more deserving students at more schools. Team to Win now serves 13,000 student-athletes at 22 Los Angeles-area high schools. More than 80 percent come from diverse backgrounds. Moreover, 60 percent of students now in the program are on the federally subsidized school-lunch program, long recognized as a way to designate “at-risk” youth.

As the public school system in California continues to suffer cutbacks, Team to Win and the mission of the WCSMF is even more critical. Team to Win is more important today to families who cannot afford medical insurance, and to High Schools who cannot afford On Site Sports Medicine Care.

Founded in 1994 by Orthopedic Surgeon, Keith S. Feder, MD and certified Athletic Trainer, Jill Sleight, ATC, the goal of Team to Win is to reduce the incidence of athletic injuries in local high schools and to treat injuries on-site in order to return the student athlete to competition. The Team to Win program currently reaches approximately 13,000 students at 22 area high schools. Significant barriers exist for student participation in high school athletics. California Law mandates that high school athletes must have minimal medical insurance to participate in interscholastic athletics. Financial and insurance constraints prevent many high school athletes from accessing quality medical care and sports training. Unlike San Francisco or New York, most California school districts do not provide sports accident insurance and certified athletic trainers. The vast majority of student athletes must rely on ineffective Medi-Cal or HMO coverage, purchase costly school accident insurance or not participate in high school athletics. As a result, a disproportionately high percentage of minority youths are left without the ability to acquire necessary medical services. In response to that void, when funding permits, Team to Win provides insurance for student athletes allowing any student to participate in interscholastic athletics regardless of family income. Team to Win provides on-site athletic trainers so that injuries may be prevented and athletic conditioning is enhanced. The program brings highly trained sports medicine specialists to the athletes who would otherwise have limited access to these physicians.

The mission of the West Coast Sports Medicine Foundation is to have a positive impact on the lives of the youth it serves. Through organized athletic participation, students learn how to set goals and meet challenges. Documented research shows that student involved in after school sports are less likely to use drugs or join a gang and more likely to graduate from high school and pursue higher education.

Team to Win Goals:

  • Keeping student athletes healthy and participating in interscholastic sports by teaching them injury prevention and providing injured athletes with comprehensive and specialized medical care.
  • To continue to provide these services at 22 schools and to 13,000 student athletes at no cost to the student or to the school.
  • To help insure that these students have a bright future, free of gangs or drugs, where their dreams can come true.

What We Provide:

In California, all student athletes are required by law to have medical insurance to compete in inter-scholastic sports, cheerleading or band. It has also been well documented that an on-site certified athletic trainers, at the high-school level, reduce the occurrence of serious injuries by at least 30%.

  • Team to Win provides on-site certified athletic trainers.
  • Team to Win provides medical coverage for major sporting events.
  • Team to Win provides college scholarships for those student athletes who show an extraordinary commitment to academics, sports and community.
  • Team to Win provides a Scholar Athlete Award of Excellence each year to deserving student athletes who excel both on and off the field.
  • Team to Win also provides a community based Student Athletic Trainer Mentoring Program where the student is placed in a year round medical education program. Upon completion of the intensive summer component of the program the student is ready to assist the on-site certified athletic trainer in the care of student athletes.
  • Team to Win provides ongoing medical education for sports medicine professionals.